“I always knew I was healer”

I’m Edwardo. I love to move, learn, and share. I love to teach and inspire people to understand more about themselves. The more you can learn about body and your needs, the easier it will be to develop a plan of attack to give you the power to change. Let’s take look at what your body is trying to tell you as we assess. Its a chance to do some detective work to find out where you are now and a create a projection of where you want to go.

I grew up an only child that had a lot of time solo to develop an extensive creativity and a furious curiosity. With 17 years of experience ranging from personal training for pro athletes, to designing a healthier lifestyle for someone’s mother looking to just “feel better”. I truly care what I do, and would love to help you achieve the change you want. Let’s improve together.

I am building a holistic wellness collective called Zealry.

We are passionate to connect every person, group or organization to to the tools and resources they needed to become a better on every level. Bring Zealry to your workplace or living space now!